Chakra Balancing

$40 / 40min

Chakras are energy centres within the body that govern different systems and parts of a persons life. When these are blocked or overactive, a person may notice physical symptoms and stresses within the body. Chakra balancing allows a persons energetic centres to be balanced and aligned to enhance feelings of centredness, calm, ability to overcome emotional situations and more. It is a process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

A chakra balancing session can take many forms. A client may stand or sit while the therapist moves around them, addressing each chakra point, or the client may lay down while the therapist works over the body. You may be talked through a guided mediation, have crystals applied to your body or even have gentle sound bowls played above you. This session is a great, efficient way to address the whole system in a short amount of time and still walk away feeling blissful and grounded.