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Goddess Bath Soak- 370g

We’ve designed this soak with one thing in mind, to create a sensual
bathing experience fit for a queen. Essential oils, pink clay and mineral rich epsom salts are infused with organic rose petals to provide the ultimate self-care experience.


Surrender Bath Soak- 420g

A balancing and calming blend of essential oils, kaolin clay and soothing epsom salts generously infused with organic flowers.
Each ingredient has been carefully selected to relax the body and
calm the mind.


Daydream Bath Soak- 420g

This soak is all about the dreamers. A nourishing blend of pure mineral rich sea salts fused with a burst of uplifting vanilla and sweet
orange essential oil. Generously infused with hibiscus, blue cornflower and gomphrena globosa flowers.

BOPO Bath Soak


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