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The perfect light perfume, these mists feature a complex profile ofnatural ingredients to create unique and truly special scents. Each mistrepresents one of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Air and comeswith a gold encrusted tarot card exploring the themes of that element.


Nurture Body Mist - Earth
Envelop yourself in the healing scent of Mother Earth and allow the forest- like fragrance of Nurture to comfort, support and ground you. Glowing green notes of vetiver meet warming cardamom and woody
frankincense to create an intoxicatingly rich and earthy blend, with sandalwood and sweet palmarosa adding a touch of lightness. A versatile day or night scent that will transport you to the wet forest
floor, rolling green meadows and warm summer rain.


Radiate Body Mist - Fire
Let sparks fly and indulge in the sweet and spicy scent of Radiate. This blend stars passionate florals like rose damascena and ylang-ylang alongside woody sandalwood, peppery ginger and smoky Peru balsam. Intense and soft, this versatile day or night scent will transport you to candlelit moments in front of an open fire, spontaneous adventures and romantic nights.


Cleanse Body Mist - Water
Step into mysterious waters and allow the intoxicatingly sweet and sultry scent of Cleanse to wash over you. Opposites really do attract,
with sharp black pepper high notes nestling soft fruits and florals, including jasmine, rose, peach and lily of the valley. Neroli and bergamot add depth, while labdanum adds subtle notes of musk
and leather. A versatile day or night scent that will transport you to nostalgic moments of unconditional love, heart-to-heart conversations and new beginnings.


Elevate Body Mist - Air
Elevate your senses with this energizing and dreamy blend, that easefully embodies the air element’s playfulness and curiosity. Refreshing citrus highs envelop a floral bouquet heart, including
gardenia and lavender, adding a gentle femininity to the scent. Oud and myrrh round out the profile, providing subtle depth to the brightness. A versatile day or night scent that will effortlessly transport you to sunny, carefree summer days brimming with freedom.



BOPO Elemental Body Mists

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